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Impact of Fluid

Data silos

Loss of privacy and ownership

Delayed ROI

Data sharing costs

Before Fluid

Connected data sets

End to end encryption with granular access control

Faster experiments & launches

Optimised for data transactions

After Fluid
Get more value from your tools
Connect your database and cloud services

Private Data Sharing: Designed for fast and easy exchange of data

Fluid can save months of development and non-engineering effort to setup a data access pipeline with your partners.

Take it for a spin

Embed Fluid into your existing products

Fluid can be used as white-labeled solution that integrates with your solution. Access sensitive data from your partners with a simple one-time setup.

Simple and interactive collaboration workflow

Fluid provides a unified low-code interface for data users and data providers to collaborate

Give your partners the privacy and security guarantees they need

With Fluid your partners can easily apply access controls and privacy policies before sharing data.

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