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Simplify sensitive data exchanges

80% of AI projects are stuck in perpetual POCs due to complicated regulatory and business level workflows. With Fluid, you can simplify workflows and save months in business cycles

Collaborate with zero-risk and reduce costs

Data leakages and privacy violations creates millions of dollars in fines and reputation losses every year. With Fluid, you can work with sensitive data without worry, drastically reduce any chance of leaks and misuse when you work across teams, partners and customers.

Unlock new opportunities and go to market faster

Go beyond just exchanging data. Explore and analyse data within a secure enclave using built-in data science tools. Create new data products and take them 2x faster to market. 


Exchange sensitive intelligence without compromising trust

Our platform

Use cases

Access or and trust

See how Fluid bridges trust in AI across a variety of business scenarios.

Ecosystem Partners

Data Providers/CDOs.

Data Providers/CDOs

Product and Business professionals

Product and Business professionals

Info Sec and Governance professionals

Info Sec and Governance professionals

Fluid makes win-win happen for