What is Eder AI

We’ve built a platform
to create secure AI

A decentralised platform for AI researchers, Machine Learning Engineers, Mobile and Web Developers to compile AI models with the option to sell or buy models from Model Market and convert them into on-device machine learning models for secure distributed learning and deployment.

How does this work?

Private Machine Learning

In traditional systems, user’s data is stored on a centralized server and the data is sent to the AI model for processing. Eder’s platform helps you send your AI model to the end user’s device, and abstract intelligence while ensuring user’s privacy and anonymity.

Engineered, privacy by design

Enter the world of distributed AI

Multiparty Computation

With Multiparty Computation, we enable distributed computation on secure data. Run the models on devices idle processing capacity without impacting the device performance. Multiparty computation ensures that below a certain threshold the malicious users cannot put together the distributed data.

Forget about cloud servers, use distributed computation power

Crowd Sourced Intelligence

Federated Learning

Broadcast your AI model to your end users. Let your users run the model on their device’s. Tap into new data at the local device, convert them into unique intelligence without identifying the user, automatically reconsolidate all new intelligence points to improve your model’s performance metrics.

Imagine building AI models without data, we do it for you


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