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The Answers You Need

Currently Fluid supports the use of Python libraries via a secure jupyter Notebook. We don't yet support GPU based workflows.

What kind of workflows, tools and frameworks does Fluid support ?

We provision a virtual, secure enclave that ensures data cannot be extracted or copied outside the environment. This secure enclave has a variety of state-of-art policies and controls such as masking, redaction
We'll also build GDPR/HIPAA compliance directly into the platform.

We already anonymise and tokenise all data that we use. How is your technology different ?

We currrently support tabular datasets. Additionally, depending on your needs, we can also support other data formats too.

What kind of datasets does Fluid support ?

Yes. You can use Fluid to share sensitive intelligence 1-on-1 as well as use it in a network where multiple parties need to collaborate on sensitive data.

Can Fluid facilitate just one to one data exchanges? Or is there a possibility to do one-to-many and many-to-many ? 

We are currently compatible with AWS and GCP.

Which cloud providers is Fluid compatible with ?

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