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Policy engine for privacy-first access

Fluid APIs allow partners to share data after applying dynamic privacy policies and enables compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA. Only see what you need to see.

Enclave for proving privacy and control across all environments

Verify trust with on-demand attestation reports that track all access, usage against pre-approved data licenses.

Develop on data using in-built tools

In-built data science tools to explore, analyse and develop models in a secure enclave owned by the data provider.

Impact of Fluid

Data silos

Loss of privacy and ownership

Delayed ROI

Data sharing costs

Tedious and evolving compliance management

Before Fluid

Connected data sets

End to end encryption with granular access control

Faster experiments & launches

Optimised for data transactions

Automated compliance management

After Fluid

Fluid - Designed for trust

Safely and privately exchange sensitive intelligence across teams and partners.

Extract Insights.

Verify and preserve trust.

Access sensitive data.

Access sensitive

Access sensitive

Out of the box integrations

Take it for a spin

Do data science together, without breaking your head.